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As businesses, we all face this challenge: how to reach customers and communicate with them clearly and effectively. We need to have a purpose and pursue a goal. We need to produce useful and relevant content. We need to do this consistently.

It isn’t easy to find people with the right skills or experience. Giving such an important job to untrained content staff can make the situation worse.

My name is Peter Gearin, and I’m a writer, editor and former senior manager at The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald and I managed large teams of print and digital journalists and produced stories across many subjects, including news, business, lifestyle, travel and sport.

After leaving the media industry in 2014, I realised I could use my knowledge and experience to help corporate clients every day. I’m now a consultant who helps companies and organisations find the right way to communicate their vision and achieve business and marketing goals. I work with teams like yours to build communities and help businesses stand out as leaders in their field.

Here are four ways I can work with your content teams:

  • Run half- or all-day writing, editing or brand newsroom workshops
  • Sit alongside them to help establish and execute their content plans
  • Set up a brand newsroom to produce consistently effective content
  • Generate ideas and write stories that will resonate with your audience

I’m a good listener, practical thinker and straight talker. I hate corporate jargon!

Let me know how I can help with your content planning and execution.

What is a brand newsroom?

Businesses can supercharge their content efforts by taking a classic “newsroom” approach.

This is where organisations align their communications and business goals by rigorously planning and regularly producing content that engages and delights prospective customers or clients and builds awareness and credibility.

Two high-profile examples of successful brand newsroom executions are Bupa’s health-oriented The Blue Room and ANZ’s wealth-oriented bluenotes. You can read more about brand newsrooms in an article I wrote for Brand Tales here.

Contact me to find out how your business or organisation can win the content battle by adopting a brand newsroom approach.

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