Big and small businesses face the same fundamental challenge: how to communicate clearly and effectively with customers.

We tend to reach for sales messages or advertisements, which only tend to distract our target audiences, or draw attention to things that we think are important. It’s much harder to speak to our current (and hopefully future) customers with a clear voice and purpose. We need to inform them, maybe even entertain them, at a time that suits them – not us.

It isn’t easy. It’s really difficult to find the right words or images to convey what our business does. It’s even harder to explain what our business does in a way that helps our customers, not just us.

Finding people with the required communication skills and experience is difficult in any business, regardless of size. Leaving this important role to someone who isn’t really sure what they’re doing is only likely to make the situation worse.

My name is Peter Gearin. I help businesses and organisations such as yours find the right way to communicate their specific vision and company story. I can work with your team so that your brand stands out as a leader in its field. I want you to feel proud of the difference you make – the audiences you draw in and the communities you build. I want you to be known for the work you do, not for the things you say you do.

How I can work with you

I’m an expert in content. As a long-time journalist, I understand the power of words and visuals, and the importance of getting them right. I write stories that appear on your website, or on a publisher’s website, that will help your customers gain greater knowledge or insight in your field of expertise. I will engage the work of content specialists – photographers, video experts, illustrators or graphic artists, for example – to bring those stories to life. I will be thorough and committed to your cause, and focused on providing knowledge that helps you find better customers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-standing brand or a startup, well-crafted stories draw people to your product or service, and make you stand out from your competitors.

What I can offer you

I’m an experienced writer, editor and former senior manager at The Sydney Morning HeraldThe Sun-Herald and smh.com.au. I use the knowledge I gained in top-flight newsrooms to help my corporate clients every day.

I’ve managed large teams of journalists and produced stories across a range of subjects, including news, business, lifestyle, travel and sport. I publish Brand Tales, Australia’s monthly content marketing and branded content digital magazine.

Perhaps what’s more important to know is that I’m a good listener, practical thinker and straight talker. I hate corporate jargon! I enjoy working with people who are committed to content planning, ideas generation, and story creation and packaging. Most of all, I have a passion for great corporate storytelling and effective communications.

Peter Gearin